What is JIU JITSU ?

JIU JITSU is first and foremost a self defense art. It's practical approach to the most common self defense situations has led to becoming know as the most effective form of self defense system in the world. Non-violent techniques are practiced daily to learn how to control an aggressive adversary by means of grappling skills. The sport aspect of JIU JITSU allows these techniques to be practiced against a knowledgeable resisting opponent in a safe and controlled manner. This is the key to it's effectiveness. And to top it all off, it has the added bonus of being very fun.

What are the benefit's of JIU JITSU?

The benefits of JIU JITSU are innumerable. People practice JIU JITSU for many different reasons, some for self defense, some to get in shape, some to gain confidence and others just for the comradery. But everyone who trains JIU JITSU experiences at least one thing, and that's a positive lifestyle change. This alone is why millions of people across the world practice this art daily.